Active Imagination


When you are traveling you instinctually compare and contrast to what you know. I cannot get over how different the birds sound! We have this apartment that is all windows and they are all open – no screens. These birds sound aggressive and hangry (you know – hungry + angry). I woke up several times after nightmares where I thought they were going to eat me. When these birds come into my window they are not looking for hugs. I mostly wanted this documented in case you need to figure out why my face was eaten off!

P.S. – Of course Jim is just sleeping through it!

One thought on “Active Imagination

  1. Keri

    LOL I’m sorry to laugh, but you’re details are funny. :) The birds in Australia are BEAUTIFUL! But yes, they are noisy!! I can’t wait to hear bridge climb updates. And koala holding updates. And everything else. Go shopping at The Rocks, near Circular Quay (close to the bridge). FUN shopping opportunities!! I bought a super pretty opal ring for cheap!!

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