A couple of random things…

1. Tana asked for more food pictures…here is the amazing breakfast that I made. I realize you would not eat any of it but it was good! I will try to take more. I usually use my phone and then I can’t do anything with them because my phone does not work here.


2. Kennedy said that we cannot bring her back a kangaroo because it will bounce around the house and they do not have a cage.

3. A special birthday shout out to Davey – we are missing his party today. :(

4. Ols said that while climbing the bridge today we should sing Miley’s The Climb. I played it (because of course I have it) and Jim said I was making Australia hate us.

5. Here is the view from the apartment during the day…note the beautiful sky and lack of snow for those of you in MN.



3 thoughts on “A couple of random things…

  1. Keri

    LOVE the pictures. :) Your breakfast looks delicious. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures!!
    Oh, and I LOVE that you change the postal mark in the upper right-hand corner for where you are. CLEVER!
    G’day mate! I LOVE their accent and their friendliness. How are you going? = How are you doing? :) LOVE it!

  2. Olsie

    Um, yuuuum!!!! I want you to make me that when you get home!!! I love Ken’s response to the Kangaroo question! Have you seem one?! If so, you should just get one for your house, I think the cats would love it! Also, I love that you listened to Miley on your “climb”! I bet everyone (but Jim) loved it!! Sounds like you’re having an awesome time!! Love ya!

  3. Erin

    I agree with Jim about #4. If you sing that, you are by extension making Australia hate ME.

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