First Night in London

Forgive me for sounding horrible, but I am happy we are ending our adventure here in London. It is nice to just be able to read and understand signs, menus, etc. again. Sort of a less stressful way to end it all. We made it to London without issue and were navigating our way to Read More



One of the things Andrea wanted to do while in Oslo was to visit the Icebar. Pictures describe it better than words can – take a look! Andrea posing in her cape – it’s all about the cape! Do you think I’ll like this? The drink menu comes on a spray can! Good times at Read More

Oslofjord and Harbor Tour

Oslo is the next stop on our journey. We started our day off with a boat cruise to see the harbor and Oslofjord. Oslo was founded along the northernmost end of the Oslofjord and has continued to grow outward along the coast. In order to protect the citizens of Oslo, King Haakon V built Akershus Read More

Moscow Walking Tour


Since we were going to have such a short time in Moscow, Andrea set us up with a walking tour that featured the “Moscow must-sees”. We spent most of the day Monday on this tour, getting to know all sorts of great stuff about Moscow. We met our tour guide, Milana, in the lobby of Read More

1up Phone

When you hang up the phone in our hotel room in Guangzhou, it plays the 1up sound from Super Mario Bros. How sweet is that? I must have just earned myself 10 extra lives by hanging up the phone!

Trip to the Great Wall


On Thursday Andrea and I went to the Great Wall at Mutianyu. This was the location recommended by the hotel because it is less busy and in better condition than other sites. The tour we booked featured a ride to the wall in an “air conditioned” bus, along with a Chinese lunch and an English-speaking Read More

Imperial Palace / Forbidden City


We started our rainy Wednesday morning off with breakfast at our hotel. It’s a nice mixture of Chinese and Western foods. Curt would appreciate the nice selection of baos (steamed buns). Next stop was the local “WuMart”, which I’m assuming is the Chinese Walmart, for some cool beverages. After that we boarded the subway, which Read More

First Day in China

Update – added some pictures. Lets just say that our trip to China started off on the wrong foot. We arrived in Beijing nearly two hours late, we had to wait another hour and more for the luggage to get unloaded, and all of the cab drivers are dirty swindlers. We finally got to our Read More