A lovely Sunday in Sydney

Sunday was our last full day in Sydney, so we wanted to make the most of it. We started the day off watching a photography class take pictures of a homeless man on the steps of the apartment across the street. What a way to start the day! Soon afterward, we set out to Darling Read More

Active Imagination

When you are traveling you instinctually compare and contrast to what you know. I cannot get over how different the birds sound! We have this apartment that is all windows and they are all open – no screens. These birds sound aggressive and hangry (you know – hungry + angry). I woke up several times Read More

Has pizza and beer met its match?


Back home I’ll often see signs that say “pizza and beer” – a terrific combination without a doubt. Seoul seems to have a different take on this combination, pairing beer with a number of different things, like… Chicken and Beer Maybe not as strong a combination as chicken and waffles, but still a fine pairing. Read More

Flight to Seoul


Our flight from LAX to Seoul took place on an Airbus A380, the largest commercial jet in the world. This plane is massive! It has two levels, and the Korean Air version sports a duty-free shop on board, plus two bars. I had never been on a plane that featured one bar, let alone two! Read More